Why Cross Country? - Cross Country Battery

The CROSS COUNTRY™ distribution network is made up of seasoned battery specialists that provide best in class service and innovative solutions and are committed to your best interest. Many of our distributors have been in business for over 30 years and are second or third generation battery specialists which means “THEY KNOW WHAT YOU NEED”. These are not franchisees looking for a business opportunity-  these are committed small business people that KNOW THE BATTERY BUSINESS.

Our distributors are part of BESA (Battery and Electrical Specialists Association) a non-profit organization dedicated to building a better battery distribution network. BESA members are committed to ethical business practices and are screened for their expertise and reputation. BESA distributors are evaluated on the strength of their dealer network which assures you that you can find the products you need, when you need them, at the price you need them and a nationwide warranty program second to none.

At some point in time your battery will die and when that happens you need to work with people that stand behind the product. You need the quality of the CROSS COUNTRY™ battery and the power of the BESA Network.

Just look for the CROSS COUNTRY label- it is the one with all of North America on it. That label means BESA approved products and old fashioned service.

Locate a distributor or give them a call to find the nearest dealer today!