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Recycling is a significant factor in the beneficial use and responsible handling of lead and the products made from it. In the recycling process, dead batteries are broken down and separated into their major components, lead, plastic and acid. The lead is melted, cooled into ingots and distributed to battery manufacturers for new production. The plastics are processed and reformed into new battery cases and other parts. The acid is reused on a limited basis or neutralized for proper disposal. All in all the recycling of batteries is an environmental closed loop and the environment wins…

BESA distributors are committed and invest in battery recycling because they know it’s good for the environment and good for business. Our distributors have relationships with all the major lead recycling facilities in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

BESA distributors recycle within the following guidelines:

  • Superfund
  • The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • The Battery Act
  • The Department of Transportation


We want to help you make the right decision by recycling by making it easy, just call any of our distributors and they will either pick your batteries up or you can drop them off. From AAA Alkaline Batteries to Commercial Batteries BESA is there to conserve the environment and serve our customers.

For more information

  • Please call our toll free number for more information on how to recycle
  • For a list of BESA Distributors please click here.
  • For more information about lead acid batteries and battery recycling in North America, please contact Battery Council International