Seasonal Tips - Cross Country Battery

Did you know that your vehicle’s battery can lose up to 50% of its power when the temperature falls to zero or below. The last thing you need when the winter turns cold is a battery that won’t start. The following tips can help you weather the winter and get the most of out of your battery power.

  • Expert Service – It is important to have your entire electrical system checked by a professional. Corrosion can hide under the post and your battery connections causing your battery to discharge and lose its longevity.
  • Maintenance – Have your starting and charging system checked every six months. The cold weather can reduce the starting power of your battery.
  • Charging Strategy – Keep your battery in good condition by using a battery charger and maintaining proper charge levels. A fully charged battery will not freeze as quickly as a fully discharged battery. Talk to your BESA distributor about the best charger for your application and best practices.
  • Small Details Matter – Your battery cables, posts and fasteners make a difference so check to see that they are in good shape and securely attached to the battery

When it comes to warmer climates it is important to check for corrosion often and make sure the battery cables are tight. By keeping the car engine in good condition and periodically checking the radiator fluids you can maintain the life of your battery and survive the heat.

The professionals at BESA are here to help you get the most from your electrical and charging system. Stop by for an inspection the next time you are in the neighborhood.