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Think Ahead about your Battery

  • Battery Age: Vehicles that have batteries that are 3 years or older are 30% more likely to experience battery failure
  • Under or Outside the Hood: Heat accelerates corrosion in the battery.
  • Its Cold Outside: Cold weather affects the chemical reaction which in turn increases the current needed to start a vehicle draining the battery of life.
  • The more you crank: The charging system doesn’t get a chance to recharge when you crank without driving.

Battery Buying Tips

  • Make sure that the ratings are based on a CCA rating and not HCA or CA.
  • Freshness matters. Batteries are perishable much like your favorite food. Have your local BESA distributor show how you to read a date code on a battery.
  • Value is not delivered just on price. There is a difference in the quality of the batteries you buy. Make sure you understand what you are buying and ask for a BESA distributor.
  • Understand the warranty: What is the free replacement period? Where do you have to go to get the warranty? Is it nationwide? What is a prorate? These are all questions you need to know.

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